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Offering a Hand Up for Someone Willing to Climb

Helping HandWe are grateful to each Sponsor who financially supports the work we do here at Writers Inner Circle. Writers have long been the voice of new ideas, social justice, entertainment, and freedom. They make us laugh or cry,  but most importantly writers help us reconsider life itself. To that end, the heart of our mission at WIC is to provide a safe, affordable community for all writers, regardless of their writing experience. Each Sponsor’s generous support helps ensure a path for members so they are able to find their way from first word to publication … if that is truly their end goal.

A Sponsor can participate in three different ways: 1) through advertising, 2) gifting a membership to their favorite writer, or 3) simply sharing a financial contribution to help support the ongoing costs of WIC. However one chooses to share his or her abundance, a Sponsor’s generosity is an important part of our community as we go forward. Each sponsor will be recognized unless gifts are given anonymously.

Each investment made by businesses, corporations, and/or individuals allows WIC to keep our membership costs affordable, permitting us to go forward with hopeful enthusiasm as we build a robust writing community.  

The information below details the many levels of Sponsorship from which to choose. From our heart well … to our inkwell … to the blank page we fill … we thank you!

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Our current Sponsorship levels are good for one year and are being offered to anyone who would like to support a writer or the ongoing development of WIC. Writers Inner Circle is a grassroots organization and will take a village to help it grow. The following are long-term goals for our members and the community at large:

 (1) A one-year program that strategically allows a writer to craft his or her talent from the first word to completed manuscript by the end of their year membership;

(2) access to membership retreats and workshops, professional writing events, and author lectures;
(3) expansion of our signature program, The Storytellers Edge, which gives all levels of writers the opportunity to present original works to a live forum;
(4) virtual writers’ roundtables gathering writers across the country together;
(5) discounts for our vetted vendors; and
(6) participation in non-profit programs for literacy and writing programs for children and young adults.

The support of our sponsors is indispensable to the ongoing work we do here at WIC for our members. Thank you for visiting our page and exploring how you can make a difference!

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Chapter I Level - Oh, The Places You'll Go – Dr. Seuss

$25 - $150 - The bumps, the hills, the valleys, the thrills of a writer’s life.

Contributions at Chapter I Level can help manage the ongoing costs of membership, web support, marketing assistance and the day-in, day-out necessary business expenses. Donations at this level are considered a one-time donation and can be made multiple times a year. Your name will be listed on our sponsor page under Level I sponsorship. Offering your sponsorship in honor of someone? Let us know and we'll include their name in a specially designated area.

Chapter II Level - One Hundred Years Of Solitude – Gabriel Garcie Marquez

$151 - $300 - …it only feels that long when you’re writing a book!

“Adopt a Writer!” Contributions at the Chapter II Level will fund a one-year scholarship for a deserving applicant or an applicant of your choice, along with a little extra for them to use for coaching or professional services on the website. Sponsors at this level will be listed for one year on our sponsor page and recognized on event programs and handouts.

Chapter III Level - The Odyssey – Homer

$301 - $450 - Every life lived is an untold story waiting to be written. Time to start the journey!

Contributions at the Chapter III Level provide funding for guest speakers, developmental learning modules and added programming for events, both live and virtual.  Beginning at the Chapter III level, sponsors will have the option to include a small photo or logo, website link, and bio on the Sponsor page. Donors at this level will also have the option to advertise their business or sponsorship on a quarter page program ad for events.  

Chapter IV Level - Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austin

$451 - $600 - Never, ever, ever,  … give up … until you catch your dream!

Chapter IV Level donors can designate where their donations will be used if they so choose. Each donor will be acknowledged on our Sponsor page for one year with the donor’s logo, headshot, a five to seven line personal or business message, and free entrance for two into future Storyteller’s Edge Events. Business donors at this level will receive a half-page ad in our programming materials and will be featured in our rotating sponsor showcase on the static column of WIC. Sponsors at this level receive a one-year Social membership to be gifted or used personally.

Chapter V Level - Don Quixote –  Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 

$601+ - Making impossible dreams possible …

In addition to Chapter IV Level benefits, our exclusive Chapter V Level Sponsorship will feature each donor on our Sponsor page for one year with the donor’s logo, headshot, a personal or business message of ten-to-fifteen-lines. Other benefits include free entrance to future Storyteller’s Edge events for two, private invitations to join featured authors at hosted receptions, the opportunity to attend by-invitation-only private luncheons with writers and professionals in the industry, exclusive invitations to author launch receptions and a copy of the first run, signed books by our authors.  Business donors at this level will be honored in our rotating sponsor showcase on the static column of WIC. Sponsors at this level receive a one-year membership at the level of their choice.

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